What Are Some Popular Plastic Bonding Adhesives?


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Some popular plastic bonding adhesive include Loctite 401 Prism, Loctite 3092 and Loctite 3035. Loctite 410 Prism Instant Adhesive is designed for EM assembly of materials that are hard to bond and that require uniform stress distribution.

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Loctite 401 Prism is suitable for bonding materials such as plastics, metals and elastomers. Loctite 3092 Instant Adhesive bonds a variety of plastics, rubber and porous materials. Once dispensed between close fitting parts under normal conditions, the atmosphere starts the curing process. The Loctite Al-Plastic Super Glue bonds hard and soft plastics. The glue performs well on polyethylene and polypropylene surfaces. Loctite 3035 Polyolefin Bonder is user-friendly. It works where traditional low surface energy bonders often fail.

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