What Are Some Popular Perennial Plants?

What Are Some Popular Perennial Plants?

Some popular perennial plants include blanket flower, veronica and tall garden phlox, Russian sage and perennial sage. The plants are good for beginners and are perfect for any type of garden.

The blanket flower also referred to as gaillardia is a wildflower that tolerates heat and drought and maintains its color even in poor soil and sunny conditions. It has flowers that bloom through the fall and summer whether in brown, gold and red colors. Also, it grows easily.

Veronica has 7-inch spikes that bloom from 12 and 24-inch plants from summer to fall in red and blue shades. If planted in the south, the plant requires shade, and when planted in the north, it requires sun. Planting the flower at the front of the bed gives the best results.

In summer and early fall, the tall garden phlox gets large flowers and it grows between 3 and 4 feet tall. The plant is old-fashioned and has a sweet and light fragrance. It is suitable for planting at cottage gardens and the back of the garden.

The Russian sage is suitable for large gardens and is 5-feet tall and 3-feet wide. During late summer, the plant forms clouds of blue flowers. The plant can tolerate heat and drought and is adaptable to sunny conditions. It requires room to grow and does well when planted at the back of the bed.

The perennial sage has a combination of white, blue and purple 18-inch spikes that give an attractive green-gray foliage. Plant the plant in a sunny spot in a middle or front border.