What Are Some Popular Paint Colors for Rooms?


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Some popular colors identified by HouseBeautiful as of 2015 include aqua chiffon, oceanside, cathedral gray, forsythia blossom and organic garden. Other alternatives include clear blue sky, cedar green, turquoise, sea kiss and silhouette gray, in addition to grape hyacinth, pavilion gray and maple glaze.

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What Are Some Popular Paint Colors for Rooms?
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Aqua chiffon is a cheerful color that strikes a relaxing balance between light and dark tones, while oceanside is a more colorful option that adds a touch of mystery. Cathedral gray is a balanced color that provides a modern touch, while forsythia blossom is a bright yellow color that works well in kitchens or sunrooms. Organic garden is another gray color that the eye can identify as more blue or green when contrasted with other colors. Grape hyacinth is a muted purple that works well as a secondary color in a living room. Clear blue sky is a light blue that radiates cleanliness and trust. Cedar green is a versatile color that signifies growth, while turquoise provides a restful sense of escapism. Sea kiss is an airy blue that suggests rejuvenation and rebirth, while Silhouette gray provides an elegant touch for common rooms. Pavilion gray creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and order, while maple glaze generates a rustic environment with sophisticated touches.

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