What Are Some Popular Paint Brands for Kitchen Cabinets?

popular-paint-brands-kitchen-cabinets Credit: Debbie Lund/iStock/Getty Images

Some popular paint brands for painting kitchen cabinets are Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr. Benjamin Moore manufacturers two kinds of paints, Satin Impervo and Advance, that are specially designed to adhere to most surfaces, apply smoothly without defects, and last for a long time.

The Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo paint line comes in both water-based enamels and oil-based alkyd options. Both are used to paint kitchen cabinets but each option has its own special features. Water-based paints are generally easier to clean up, as they can be simply wiped away with a damp rag, and dry a lot faster than oil-based ones. Furthermore, water-based paints don't have the sharp odor that alkyd oil-based ones do while they are still wet.

Alkyd oil-based paints dry significantly slower than water-based but they are far more durable. Oil-based paint colors also finish much richer than water-based colors.

The Advance paint lines from Benjamin Moore are more expensive than Satin Impervo. However, Advance is a water-based alkyd paint that combines the best qualities of water and oil-based paints. The paint can be cleaned with soap and water like a water-based paint, but has a vibrant and durable finish like an alkyd once it dries. Advance paint also has less of an odor than normal alkyd paints and dries within four to six hours.