What Are Some Popular Outdoor Deck Designs?

What Are Some Popular Outdoor Deck Designs?

Some popular outdoor deck designs include platform, raised, two-story and mulitlevel decks. Platform decks are widely considered to be the easiest to design and install because they are generally low to the ground, composed of a single level and constructed on level ground.

Because platform decks are constructed close to the ground, they require more upkeep to maintain them. Most platform decks are treated with some kind of waterproof sealant before they are installed.

Raised decks are normally used for houses and dwellings where the first floor is significantly lifted off the ground. This characteristic requires raised decks to include railings and stairs for safety, plus optional skirting material. Skirting covers the space below the raised deck and hides the foundation posts of the house and deck.

Two-story decks offer even more outdoor deck space than other designs. However, it is more difficult to incorporate the many components of a two-story deck into the overall design of the house. The second-story deck needs to be supported with significantly more structural posts that can cause the outside design to appear convoluted if designed poorly.

Multilevel outdoor decks are designed to take advantage of uneven ground. Multilevel decks are not a single deck like the platform design, but rather many decks that are connected by stairs or walkways.