What Are Some Popular Outdoor Covered Patio Designs?

What Are Some Popular Outdoor Covered Patio Designs?

Popular ideas for patio design include installing banquet seating, adding built-in amenities and using a pergola for covering. Another design idea is building a stand-alone patio separate from the house.

Covered patio designs depend on the space available. For instance, a small patio benefits from having banquette seating instead of movable chairs. The bench seating allows the furnishing to double as storage. In this design, a trestle table is centered in the patio with space left for extra seating.

Another option for covered patio design is adding build-in amenities. For example, people can use their patios year-round if they build in ceiling heaters and ceiling fans. If the patio is weatherproof, people can add technology. For example, they can wire the space for sound or add a wall-mounted television.

When choosing to cover the patio, a pergola can substitute a full ceiling. In this design, people can hang shades to protect them from the sun. Another option is planting trailing plants to offer shade. A pergola can be used over the whole patio or as shelter in just one area.

Patios can also be built as stand-alone areas. For instance, designers can add a roof to a pool space. Such a patio works well with further amenities such as a changing area, lounging chairs and even a fire pit or fireplace for cooler nights.