What Are Some Popular Mohawk Carpet Colors?

Some popular Mohawk carpet colors are blues, greens, browns, grays and berry tones. Other equally popular carpet colors are shades of gold, mauve, suede and rosy quartz. Beige remains the most chosen color despite the changing color trends due to its flexibility and utilitarian value.

Blue shades reign as the top non-neutral color of Mohawk carpets. Colors like indigo and navy make excellent flooring choices for their bright and vibrant hues. Carpets in warm green tones such as moss and olive make a bold statement, but also serve as neutral colors for various design schemes. Mohawk carpets in various shades of grey are a go-to neutral choice for modern looks. Warmer grey hues such as taupe are also a sought out color.

Carpets in various brown tones convey an earthy message when paired with paler neutrals and natural decor. Some popular choices in brown Mohawk carpets include saturated, medium and chocolate browns. Carpets in blush tones and coral are popular for their lively and warm looks.

Various shades of magenta and bold berry look bold and contemporary. Red carpets are a popular choice for darker family rooms and hallways. They also wear well and tend to not show stains unlike lighter colors. Mohawk carpets in beige work well with any other color or decor.