What Are the Most Popular LP Tank Sizes?


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The most commonly used liquefied petroleum gas tanks in the United States hold 250 gallons, 500 gallons and 1,000 gallons. Tanks containing 150 gallons are also available.

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The measurements of a 250-gallon tank are often between 86.5 and 94 inches long, between 30 and 31.5 inches in diameter and weighing between 472 and 500 pounds. A 500-gallon tank can measure between 118 and 120 inches long, between 37 and 37.5 inches in diameter and can weigh between 871 and 950 pounds. The 1,000-gallon tanks may measure between 190 and 192 inches long and about 41 inches in diameter, and they weigh between 1,729 and 1,800 pounds.

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