What Are Some Popular Laundry Detergents?


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Tide, Gain, All, Arm and Hammer, and Purex are the most popular laundry detergents based on sales in the United States in 2014, as Statista reports. Other popular laundry detergent brands include Xtra, Era, Dreft and Wisk.

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Tide offers a selection of laundry detergents with varying scents and additives, such as fabric refreshers, color-safe bleach and fabric softeners. The company also features laundry detergents with a dye- and perfume-free formula for people with sensitive skin. Tide is one of the most effective products in getting rid of stubborn stains, says About.com. Gain Joyful Expressions offers a variety of scents, while Purex Complete 3 in 1 provides a combination of a laundry soap, fabric softener and anti-static solutions.

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