What Are Some Popular Landscaping Materials?

What Are Some Popular Landscaping Materials?

Soil is the foundation for greenery, making it one of the most important and popular landscaping materials. Sand is commonly used as a decorative feature. Plants and trees used in the design determine the type of soil needed.

Mineral mulches such as crushed stone, gravel and volcanic rock are used for shrub beds, driveways and walkways. Organic mulches add a polished look to planted areas and protect the soil from extreme temperatures and rain erosion. They also provide nutrients to ensure plants and trees grow strong and healthy.

Pre-cast concrete pavers are modular units ideal for driveways, walkways and patios. They come in many sizes and can be configured to form interesting patterns. Cast-in-place concrete is also good for paving, and it can be used to add feature structures. Concrete is suitable for all climates and is the most affordable hard material in landscaping.

Brick adds color to the landscape and fairs well in all climates. Standard size bricks allow the creation of different decorative patterns and work well with other paving materials.

Tile and limestone are ideal for hot climates. Travertine is slip-resistant and stays cool, making it perfect for pool decks. For cold climates, granite and slate are popular choices.

Choosing landscaping materials involves style and layout considerations that enhance outdoor areas. Using landscaping materials with contrasting textures create interest and direction. Match these materials with furniture, screens, shading structures and plants to create personalized spaces.