What Are Some Popular Kwikset Entry Door Locksets?


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There are two main styles of entry door locksets: the practical lockset and the ornamental lockset. Once a type of lockset is chosen, people can pick and choose various specifics.

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A practical lockset typically looks like a traditional door handle. Either it is a knob or a lever, and the key fits into the knob or lever and locks the door. Often, a dead bolt can be added to this lockset for added security. Customization of the lockset can be as simple as choosing a specific finish or the design of the handle itself. If a dead bolt is sold with the lockset, design and finish would match.

An ornamental lockset tends to be a two-piece design. The key on this type of lockset does not fit into the handle itself. The handle is usually longer, and the lever is thumb-activated. The keyhole can be attached to the handle plate, but this is not always the case. Often, the key plate is a separate piece that must be attached to the door with the handle plate. Like the practical locksets, customization can be as simple as choosing a specific finish or design. Also, a dead bolt may not always come with this type of lockset.

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