What Are Some Popular Kitchen Designs?


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In terms of kitchen design, there are about seven popular kitchen layouts to consider. These layouts are the U-shaped, the one wall style, the U-shaped with an island, the galley, the G-shaped, the L-shaped and the L-shaped with an island. These are the kitchen layouts commonly found in most households.

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One popular design, according to HGTV.com, is add lots and lots of storage. This includes drawers, cabinets and other storage spaces. Additionally, considerations such as automation and motion-detecting sinks are considered trendy and modern.

Colors that are considered popular either contrast sharply or have an easy effect on the eyes. Sinks with color, black and white kitchen themes and atypical materials give a kitchen a unique coloration. Kitchens with countertops featuring a hybrid design are also considered trendy, such as marble or stone for counters around water fixtures, with wooden countertops connected to the marble for placing food or even table settings.

HGTV.com also lists picks for 2015, such as the Contemporary Farmhouse design aesthetic, which uses dark woods and older design aesthetics combined with modern appliances and an exposed ceiling beam. A modern, open kitchen with skylights is also listed, having sharp or boxy aesthetics, as well as a great deal of windows in order to let in natural light.

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