What Are Some Popular Kitchen Colors?


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According to About Home, some popular kitchen colors are green, red, brown, light yellow and blue. Light yellow is often used because it's distinctive enough that it can complement nearly any species of cabinet wood, yet it's not so flashy as to raise too many eyebrows.

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Although light yellows are normally preferred, dark-tinted yellows are also a popular choice for kitchens. About Home says that stronger yellow colors evoke the mood of a traditional kitchen and make great colors to use for accent walls.

Red is more common in homes where the homeowners want to add a little spark to their kitchens. It is a popular choice for kitchens that are filled with dark colors. For example, many modern kitchens are decorated with stainless steel and black appliances. In such a case, red is a great complement to the kitchen.

Blue makes the list because it's a popular color in general. In terms of stimulating the appetite, blue is considered a gloomy or downer color. This holds true for even light blue colors. That being said, it doesn't have to be avoided if blue is the color of choice for a homeowner. When used, blue should only be an accent color instead of the main color for the kitchen.

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