What Are the Most Popular Indoor House Plants?


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Some popular indoor house plants include the spider plant, aloe vera, jade plant, weeping fig and peace lily. These plants are popular partly because they are easy to care for, and some can be easily propagated to grow more plants.

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The spider plant is an excellent choice for those just beginning to keep house plants. The plant produces white flowers from the stems that in turn produce mini spider plants that can be propagated without much hassle. Another plant that is easy to propagate is the white lily. Once the plant matures, it can be divided into sections to grow two or more peace lilies. The plant grows a single, elegant white flower stalk in the center, making it an attractive choice as a centerpiece.

The weeping fig is a larger tree plant with expressive drooping leaves. It is commonly used as a floor plant and planted in a large pot. The shiny oval leaves of the jade plant and thick trunk make it an eye-catching choice. The plant is fairly easy to grow and propagate and can grow significantly in size.

Aloe vera is one of the more unusual popular indoor house plants, featuring succulent, dark green leaves shaped like spikes. The aloe vera is native to Africa but tolerates many types of conditions, making it an ideal choice as a house plant.

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