What Are Some Popular Ideas for Backyard Designs?


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Popular backyard designs include outdoor rooms for watching movies and cooking and low-water, low- maintenance plantings. Also, yards designed around hobbies like games, birding and water gardening.

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One way to conceive the backyard is as an extension of the indoor living space. For instance, if there’s not room for a big TV screen inside, you can build a backyard viewing room around one, including plantings for privacy screens and noise abatement, paving and seating. If there’s no way to have a fireplace inside, design the backyard around a fire pit to have a cozy place to curl up on cool evenings. Outdoor kitchens have the double advantage of giving diners the pleasure of eating in the open air while keeping the house cooler, especially in the summer time.

Because not everyone enjoys the maintenance that lush plantings require, many popular backyard designs feature low-water, low-maintenance plantings of grasses, herbs and other drought plants and succulents, like cactus and kalanchoe. In addition to needing little care, such designs help people with allergies and are economical to maintain because the plants require little water.

Theming backyard designs around family hobbies like playing games is also very popular. For instance, you can design the backyard around playing surfaces for croquet, bocce, hopscotch, chess and so on. For families that bird or water garden, designs include habitat for fish and nesting birds as well as food plants and feeding stations.

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