What Are Some Popular Hitch-Mounted BBQ Grills?


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Popular hitch-mounted BBQ grills include the Springfield barbecue grill with hitch mount, the StowAway hitch grill station and the Swing'n Smoke MVP grill package. Hitch-mounted grills are ideal for tailgating parties as well as camping and back country recreation.

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The Springfield barbecue grill with hitch mount is an introduction to hitch-mounted grilling. The compact grill is ideal for small get-togethers, and it is fueled by a one-pound propane bottle with a built-in regulator. The grill attaches easily to the tailgate upon arrival, but the grill cannot remain mounted on the hitch during transport.

The Swing'n Smoke MVP grill package is one of the most popular hitch-mounted barbecue grills on the market today. The MVP grill offers full stainless steel construction, including the grill body and hood, along with three stainless steel burners designed for quick exchange when it is time to replace them. This grill features an extending leg to support it during use. It is safe to transport the grill on the hitch.

The StowAway trailer hitch grill station offers the most cooking and food preparation surface of the three. Mounted on a swing-away frame that locks into place for safe transport and cooking, the grill station features a Cuisinart gas grill, two removable shelves and a commercial grade cutting board.

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