What Are Some Popular Funny Side Up Products?

Popular Funny Side Up products include the owl-shaped egg ring and the skull mold. The cat-shaped egg mold is another bestseller from Fred and Friends.

Funny Side Up is a range of egg molds created by Fred and Friends. Fred is a team of designers based in Rhode Island that has partnered with people around the globe to bring fun, well-designed products into the home and change purely functional products into fresh, exciting and personal items. The business is named after the company's founder Fred Roses, who has this moniker because people named Fred are reportedly fun, friendly and helpful around the house.

Fred partners with people across the globe to combine high-quality designs, materials and processes with economic pricing. All Fred products are manufactured in Asia and sold across America. Fred products can be purchased from the official website, Walmart stores and other retail outlets, and Internet stores such as Amazon.com.

A Funny Side Up egg mold is constructed from food-grade silicone rubber. The molds are safe for frying pans and designed to be used with two eggs at a time. Yolks are placed in the eye sockets of each design while the white parts spread throughout the mold. Popular animal molds include cats, pigs and owls. Most Funny Side Up molds are designed for use in fried egg recipes, but some can be used to shape scrambled egg into a more attractive dish.