What Are Some Popular Flowering Shade Bushes?


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The mapleleaf viburnum thrives in deep shade and blooms in spring with white flower clusters. It later produces lovely red berries that birds love and has deeply lobed green foliage that in fall changes from reddish purple to rosy pink. Other shade-loving viburnums include the Judd viburnum, with its fragrant snowball-shaped blooms and colorful berries and the Burkwood viburnum, with numerous sweet-smelling white blooms and colorful fall leaf color.

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Nothing matches the continuing seasonal display of the oakleaf hydrangea, a four to six-foot specimen shrub that does well in partially-shaded dry soil. After its spectacular white spring blooms have ended, the large oak-like leaves take over, changing to pinkish-purple later in the summer and moving through a range of red, orange, purple and brown shades as fall progresses.

Azaleas and rhododendrons, native to parts of the United States, are valued for their evergreen foliage, adaptability to shady growing conditions, and their use as hedges, foundation plantings and specimen plants. Hybrids include the "Maid in the Shade" series featuring light pink, pale lavender and yellow bloom colors. The Juneberry shrub is perfect for adding a bright spot to a shady area. Covered with numerous small white flowers during the spring, it produces small reddish-purple berries later in the season.

The running serviceberry is an ideal compact shrub for small shady landscapes, producing delicate white spring blooms, edible berries in early summer and a display of peach-colored leaves in fall. Because it requires little pruning, the serviceberry shrub is a perfect low-maintenance option.

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