What Are Some Popular Floor Tile Patterns?


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Straight lay, diagonal, herringbone, basket weave and running bond are common tile layout patterns. The patterns vary in installation difficulty, with intricate designs such as herringbone or basket weave taking more time and skill.

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The straight-lay pattern is traditional rows of tiles with all the rows lining up. The checkerboard pattern is a variation of straight lay, with alternating colors of tile. The diagonal pattern is similar, with tiles in rows, but each tile is turned so it looks like a diamond instead of a square. Running bond is similar to a typical brick layout, where the edges of the tiles are slightly shifted in each row.

The herringbone design uses rectangular tiles set at 45-degree angles. The end result looks like a zigzag pattern across the floor. Basket weave also uses rectangular tiles. The tiles in each row alternate between horizontal and vertical orientation.

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