What Are Some Popular Floor Standing Air Conditioners?


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Popular floor standing, or portable, air conditioners include Heir HPN12CM, Tripp Lite Portable Cooling Unit and the Honeywell 12,000 BTU model. These units get high reviews on sites like Home Depot and Best Buy, as noted on their websites.

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The Heir unit is popular because it not only cools a large area, but it doubles as a humidifier by removing 4.2 pints of water per hour. It has a number of popular features along with numerous operating modes that let users customize it to the needs of the room they have it in. It is not as loud as other models, which makes it more ideal for use in busy areas where it could otherwise drown out conversations or television.

The Tripp Lite model can cool a 500-square foot room and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant. The 71-inch flexible tube allows the cold air to be very precisely located. This model does not have a water collection tank. Instead it has a built-in evaporator that gets rid of the moisture instead of the user having to dump it out.

The Honeywell unit has a lot? of great features as well. It doesn't cool as much area as the other two models, only covering 450 square feet, but it does offer 12,000 British thermal units. It also has a remote control, a timer and three fan settings from which to choose.

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