What Are Some Popular Fan Covers?


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Popular fan blade covers include palm-leaf types, floral designs, patterned and holiday-themed ones. When it comes to printed fan covers, homeowners opt for designs that either reflect their interests or complement the home's interior decor. For instance, a nature lover can use fan covers with a bouquet or butterfly design. On the other hand, a homeowner may choose fan covers with a simple striped, wood grain pattern or fleur-de-lis design to match a room's transitional style.

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Fan covers are usually used to upgrade the appearance of old and dull-looking ceiling fans, which then results in a more attractive and stylish room. For example, the blades of a ceiling fan in a "man cave" may be covered with a person's favorite football team logo or a masculine design, such as flaming or camo prints. Other than giving a room a decorative lift, certain types of fan covers also improve air flow and trap dust particles to enhance indoor air quality.

Typical fan covers on the market are made of lightweight polyester-spandex or thin wood. Remember to only use blade covers that are compatible with the ceiling fan. They should not slow down or add a considerable load to the fan blades and rotor mechanism. Otherwise, the incompatible fan cover can significantly reduce the fan's service life and decrease air circulation.

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