What Are Some Popular Examples of Wall Groupings in Apartments?


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Popular examples of wall groupings in an apartments include collections of photographs, a mix of various art pieces, or collections of themed items that have special meaning for residents. Photographs may be in haphazard patterns or precisely laid out in rows according to size or subject. They can have matching or mismatching frames or even none at all. Groupings may also share similar subject matter or be truly eclectic.

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Since most apartments have walls that are white or muted neutral shades and landlords don't usually allow renters to paint, groupings help bring color and visual interest to a room. Color photographs take care of the color and often look best in white, gold, black or neutral frames. Displaying photos of different sizes on the same wall provides the visual interest. To create a youthful vibe, add a poster slogan or two or an oversized first or last initial.

The textures found in paintings, collages and other handmade art pieces add a different dimension to a wall grouping. For example, mixing an oil painting or two with collages made of paper, paint and fabric creates a more three-dimensional look. Select one or two pieces as the focal point and build the grouping around them, or give all the pieces equal exposure. Photos and artwork may be combined in the same grouping.

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