What Are Some Popular Dulux Paint Colors?


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Dulux offers paint colors for decorative trends that have global influences. The blue Tropic Night evokes the Caribbean Sea. It blends well with yellow-gold and grey colors. Other favorites are hot and spicy reds and bohemian indigo.

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Popular Dulux color trends focus on rich pigments inspired by jewelry and Eastern influences for mosaic decoration. Ruby Red is a favorite color inspired by a valuable gem. For moody mellowness, trendy green and blue colors are Swiss Pine, Southern Forest and Blazer Blue. Popular choices for mysterious, aloof designs are blacks and greys. Dulux offers Mystery Sound, Light's Out and Heron Grey for this style.

Dulux favorites also include neutral colors. Swiss Coffee is a paint with a yellow tone. White Pearl has a touch of pink in it. Both colors are part of a kaleidoscope theme that Dulux advertises as being uplifting and energizing. Dulux suggests pairing them with the Tropic Night paint, which is its 2015 color of the year.

One popular Dulux red color is Tender Rose, which combines elegant dark tones with bright ones. Complementary colors include brown, yellow and green. Dulux recommends Cleveland Brown, Red Maple, Apricot Barley and Jade Valley to blend with its red paint.

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