What Are Some Popular Dry Creek Bed Landscape Designs?


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Some popular dry creek bed landscape designs include rock gardens for xeriscapes, walkways with stepping stones built in, and designs that include foot bridges over drainage ditches or low spots. Well-executed designs improve safety and drainage at the same time they add value to the property.

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One way to vary a rock garden design for drought-tolerant landscaping such as a xeriscape is to build a dry creek bed. The advantage of a xeriscape is that the design takes advantage of the natural contours of the land. Because the surface of the dry bed has many levels, many plants can live in its nooks and crannies. When positioned correctly, dry creek beds can also provide extra drainage.

Another popular design idea for dry creek bed landscapes is to incorporate foot paths, melding the beauty of the creek bed with solid footing to make getting around easier. The key to a safe design is choosing rocks and boulders with enough flat surface area to be used as stepping stones and bedding them so that they’re level and stable.

Another design idea for a dry creek bed landscape is to include a foot bridge to span a dry drainage ditch, a low area or a planting area that’s been cleared. Rather than expensive replanting or simply filling a low spot with gravel, a dry creek bed design with a bridge makes it safer and easy to cross the low area while adding curb appeal.

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