What Are Some Popular Designs for Oversized Clocks?


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Designs for oversized clocks include a kaleidoscope clock, which features a large circular frame and different colors on each of the numerical designations. The spaces around the numerals are highlighted, but the axis on which the hands rest is left empty to emphasize negative space. Other designs for oversized clocks include clocks without any frames or boundaries, and with numbers that are pasted in a loose circle around the axis of hands.

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Other designs for oversized clocks are massive clocks rendered in an antiquated style, featuring sepia tones and roman numerals. These clocks may be ornate in their presentations, and they may feature artistic details around their frames, while the backgrounds on which the numbers rest are left empty to emphasize the surrounding craftsmanship.

The materials used for these clocks may vary as well, as there are many oversized wall clocks rendered in wood and earth-colored stones. More modern clocks may feature minimalist designs that use metal and plastic with solid colors for a more functional appearance. Many oversized wall clocks are also designed to appear like other decorative options, such as a clock framed by a massive sun. Some models feature planetary shapes, and their designs may vary according to their colors and the sizes of the accessories.

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