What Are Some Popular Courtyard Patio Designs?

Some popular courtyard patio designs include a British garden-themed courtyard, a small grassy patio surrounded by hedges and plants, and a courtyard featuring a fountain and a covered dining area. Surrounded by tall privacy bushes, the courtyard has a fountain in the middle amid fine-crushed gravel and ornamental grasses. A pergola with a dining area sits off against one side of the courtyard.

One popular courtyard and patio design is the British garden theme that features a fountain in the middle of the patio area surrounded by sculpted hedges. The hedges create little rectangular gardens around the fountain, each filled with roses, foxglove and hollyhock plants. Paths lead to the fountain in four directions. To one side sits the dining area with a small wrought-iron table and chairs for afternoon tea.

Another design features a small grassy circle in the center with sculpted hedges and bushes around one half and wood chips and patio stone around the other half. Fences and walls with climbing vines and wisteria wall in the courtyard. A small table and a few chairs can be set up within the grassy circle. A small courtyard area can be inlaid with stone, only a strip of ground along the edges of the fence for plants. One end of the patio can be set up with patio furniture and the other end can house a small pond to break up the monotony.