What Are Some Popular Concrete Acid Stain Colors?

Popular acid stain colors for concrete include a variety of neutrals such as browns, tans, rusts and black, as well as shades of blue and green. Acid stain creates patterns on the concrete that add some variation to the color. The most common colors are earth tones.

Most homeowners use acid stain when it comes to concrete flooring because they want to enhance a natural look. The shimmering patina and subtle color variations that the stain produces creates an organic look that tends to appear natural in earth tones and soft shades of blue and green.

For homeowners wanting a different look, water-based stains come in more colors. In addition to earth tones, water-based colors include white and shades of yellow, red, orange and deep blue. Consumers aren't limited to manufacturers' color palettes. Most contractors can custom-blend a color to satisfy the customer.

New trends in concrete flooring include a high-polish finish. The concrete is dyed rather than stained and finished with a glossy top coat. Concrete dye colors have expanded in recent years, contributing to this trend.

No matter what stain or dye you choose, it's important to test it on your floor before committing to the color. Each concrete floor is unique and absorbs color differently. The contractor can test color in a unnoticeable place to give homeowners an idea of how their floors will look.