What Are Some Popular Colors of Steel Siding?


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The most popular colors of steel siding for homes, businesses and other buildings are earth tones, usually shades of grey or tan, and sometimes blues and greens. These colors are often applied with a low-gloss finish and textured to resemble actual wood grain.

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According to Rollex, a major supplier of steel siding, the most popular siding colors and textures are those that match and enhance the appearance of architecture without clashing with natural surroundings. Because of this, most siding suppliers offer tones of grey and tan as their primary color lines, with a brushed wood grain appearance. This achieves an aesthetic of freshly painted wood, intended to avoid standing out as metal casing on homes, barns and businesses. Rollex offers a line of primary earth tones, including carmel, clay, sandcastle and heather tones.

Alside, as part of its Satinwood Steel Collection, offers color tones ranging from off-white through tan, grey and some blue, green and rust. Alside's higher end lines include darker green and blue tones, as well as some variegated styles intended to complement stone architectural styles. Alside's primary siding options include parchment, gray and cream colors. All of Alside's steel siding uses an imitation wood grain type of texture.

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