What Are Some Popular Colors for Front Doors?


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Popular colors for front doors include pastels, neutrals and ultra-bright hues, notes Better Homes and Gardens. Front door colors are the first impression of a home's style and personality and can add to the home's curb appeal. The best front door color is determined by the home's style, general color scheme and the homeowner's preference.

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Just like home colors, popular door colors tend to be traditional hues or contrasting pops of an unexpected shade. The six best colors for a front door are red, indigo, orange, black, lime green and yellow, notes HuffingtonPost.com. This is because they are bold, unexpected eye-catching colors that are cheery, inviting and unique, while neutrals and stark colors look good with a variety of home colors and styles.

When choosing a color for a front door, a color wheel can help create color schemes that are naturally complementary, contrasting or congruent. Complementary colors are opposite hues on a color wheel, while contrasting colors are three spaces apart. Monochromatic colors are varying shades of the same hue, while congruent or analogous colors are found side by side. BHG.com offers email subscribers a free front door color chart to assist in the process of selecting a front door color to match a home's color scheme.

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