What Are Some Popular Clothes Dryer Manufacturers?

Some popular clothes dryer manufacturers include Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux and Bosch. GE is another popular dryer manufacturer; its right-height model ranked in the top 10 of dryers on a 2015 top 10 reviews poll.

Samsung offers large capacity electric dryers in white, platinum and onyx. The Samsung DV8700 dryer is ENERGY STAR certified and meets all 2015 energy standards. It offers energy efficient drying, multi-steam technology and 15 preset drying cycles. The DV8060 model offers a moisture sensor, an additional energy saving feature.

LG offers gas and electric dryers. It offers dryers that have frontal loading doors and ones with a top loader design, similar to that of washing machines. The dryers come in a variety of colors and size capacities. Some special features of the LG gas dryers include a steam dryer function, LED displays and a steam fresh cycle.

Whirlpool offers a smart front load dryer with sixth sense live technology. The innovative technology allows for real-time monitoring of the appliance from anywhere. It allows owners to activate certain drying options via a smart phone, tablet or computer, and sends nudges and alerts about the cycle. Through the sixth sense live technology feature, product information can also easily be accessed.