What Are Some Popular Ceramic Pots and Pans?


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Among the 20 most popular cookware sets at Food Network's store is SilverStone's Ceramic CXi. Macys features stove-top ceramic cookware by Martha Stewart, T-Fal and CeraStone with non-stick white interiors and boldly colored exteriors. J.A. Henckels Zwilling cookware has a gray ceramic interior, stainless steel exterior and aluminum core.

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Ceramic cookware has evolved as a popular green or safe alternative for those who want non-stick cookware without the typical concerns of two chemicals related to more traditional non-stick cookware coated with Teflon, as of 2015. Pans coated with PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, release toxic gases when used on high heat settings, and PFOA, a substance considered dangerous to the environment, is released during the manufacture of Teflon.

Although budget is an important consideration in choosing ceramic cookware, if it is to be used often, it is equally important to build a quality set with excellent performance and durability standards. Each variety of ceramic cookware has a temperature range that it can tolerate without risking damage. Some are labeled oven-proof, although they may have lids that are able to withstand only lower temperatures, making them not necessarily equally oven-proof. Ergonomic handles on pots and pans make them more comfortable to use and riveted handles ensure a solid, sturdy connection. Ceramic cookware that allows the use of metal utensils is preferred. There are typically warranties that come with ceramic cookware, ranging from one-year to lifetime. A short warranty is not necessarily a knock-out factor if weighed against favorable reviews by users past the warranty date.

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