What Are Some Popular Brands of Safe Non-Stick Cookware?


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Some popular, safe non-stick cookware include Simply Calphalon, Analon Advanced Bronze, Rachel Ray Hard Anodyzed II, Green Pan and Farberware Earth Pan II. Ecolution and Orgreenic cookware are also generally considered safe.

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What Are Some Popular Brands of Safe Non-Stick Cookware?
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When examining the safety of non-stick cookware, Teflon coasting is usually the biggest concern for consumers, though opinions on the dangers of Teflon vary. One concern is that perflorinated chemicals used in the pan's coating may leach into food at high temperatures. When overheated, the non-stick coating may begin to break down at a molecular level and release potentially dangerous chemicals and gases.

Traditional materials such as stainless steel, glass, ceramic and cast iron are often chosen by consumers who want to avoid non-stick coatings that may pose a danger. Depending on the brand and how the pans are used, they have varying degrees of non-stick results.

Gaining in popularity are non-stick pans that intend to improve upon the Teflon technology, are made without preflorinated chemicals and use newer non-toxic chemicals. Green Pan uses technology called Thermolon, while Ecolution, the Farberware Earth Pan II and the Orgreenic brands feature cookware without the carcinogenic materials found in Teflon. Anodized aluminum, such as that used in Calphalon, is sealed to prevent the escape of any potentially dangerous aluminum salts.

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