What Are Some Popular Basement Floor Plans?


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Some popular basement floor plans include media rooms, bars or wine cellars, home offices and guest suites. People also often turn their basements into personal gyms or basement apartments.

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Media rooms are popular for basements, and many homeowners set up the rooms to look like movie theaters with platform seating, large screens and details such as surround sound systems. Bars and wine cellars are also popular for basements. Installing a bar or wine cellar is similar to updating a kitchen, so homeowners should keep that in mind when considering their budget for basement remodeling.

For those who work from home, a home office is a good option for a basement plan. Since the basement is dark, however, many contractors recommend installing French doors or extra lighting to make it feel more open. For people who often have guests, basement plans that include guest suites are also popular choices. If the guest suite contains a closet, there are legal code requirements that a homeowner must adhere to when building. If the lot has zoning for multifamily residences, making a basement apartment can be a good source of income.

If a homeowner is into fitness, a home gym is a popular choice for basement plans, but a homeowner may run into trouble because basement ceilings are often lower than normal home ceilings. A homeowners must measure the height of the equipment and make sure it can get down the stairs.

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