What Are Some Popular Awning Types for Windows?


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For use in exterior areas, such as decks, balconies and above windows, a popular awning type for most homes is retractable. The four basic types of awnings are portable, stationary, retractable and motorized, as noted by HomeAdvisor.com. Window awnings can come in different materials and a variety of colors.

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Window awnings provide protection from the sun's heat and damaging effects on carpets and furniture. Awnings are also useful for other areas, such as a porch or patio. Although there are different types of awnings, retractable awnings can have certain advantages over other types, such as stationary units that are fixed in place.

Some advantages of a retractable window awning over a stationary unit are that it can be either a manual or motorized type that can be rolled up and also may require less maintenance. Stationary units are vulnerable to wind damage and can accumulate snow during severe snowstorms. Additionally, retractable units can have other features, such as sensors that retract or extend the awning for different weather conditions that include wind, sun or rain, as noted by eCanopy.com.

The different types of materials for window awnings can include woven acrylic or laminated fabrics, as noted by SunSetter.com. Window awnings come in a variety of colors and window width sizes from three to eight feet.

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