What Are Some Popular Ant Killer Products for Outdoors?


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Some popular outdoor ant killers include Terro Outdoor Ant Killer Spray, Amdro Quick Kill Liquid Drench and Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits, notes the websites for Terro, Lowe's and Home Depot. All of these ant killers are made to prevent ants from spreading through yards or getting into homes.

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Terro Outdoor Ant Killer Spray is a type of barrier spray. This means that it is best applied in a line around the home up to 15 feet away. The spray expands when it hits a surface leaving a wide band of invisible residue behind that kills and repels the ants. Its advised to use the spray in areas that it is suspected they could be entering a home, like windows, downspouts and doorways. The long spray radius allows users to reach high or hard-to-reach spots.

Amdro Quick Kill Liquid Drench is mean to be used on mounds and can also be used to kill fire ants. This strong liquid will actually kill the queen of the mound. It is ready to use with no mixing or measuring required. Once it is attached to a water hose, it is ready to use.

The Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits are made to attract ants so they go to the bait instead of the home. These baits are made so that it keeps the liquid from drying out and stakes are included to make sure that they do not get moved easily or blown around.

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