What Are Some Popular 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverware Patterns?

First Love, Heritage and Ambassador are three popular 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverware patterns. Ambassador is the oldest of these three, with a mint date of 1919. It was followed by First Love in 1937 and Heritage in 1953.

There were 46 minted patterns in the 1847 Rogers Bros. collection. The first patterns were minted in 1847 and included the Arcadian, Fiddle, Garland, and Reflection patterns. Minting of the 1847 collection stopped in 1972 with the Silver Renaissance pattern.

A unique set from the 1847 series is the Springtime set. There are two set types, both named Springtime. The difference between the two is the amount of silverware, with one of the sets having 52 pieces and therefore named Springtime 52. Both were minted in 1957. Sets are available through antique dealers, silver and glass shoes, and through various estate sales across the world.

True Rogers Bros. patterns carry the company logo on the back of the pieces. In some cases, a triple XS and an AI mark accompanies the logo. None of the patterns are dateable by their logo markings. The logo was used on all collections regardless of the mint year, location of the minting, or style of the design. The pattern name determines the age of the piece.