Where Are Poppies Sold?


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Poppies are seldom sold as fresh-cut flowers since they tend to drop their petals soon after cutting, but poppy plants and seeds are sold in lawn and garden stores, nurseries, and home stores such as The Home Depot. Websites such as Amazon.com and Burpee.com also sell poppy seeds and plants.

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Where Are Poppies Sold?
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Specialty retailers such as MichiganBulbs.com and EdenBros.com sell several varieties of Oriental and Turkish hybrids as seeds and starter plants. The most popular and readily available types of poppies are the Oriental, California and Turkish varieties. They range in color from deep violet and scarlet to bright cherry red and sunburst shades of orange and yellow. Some varieties feature sturdy, tulip-like petals, while others resemble delicate crepe-paper saucers.

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