How Is a Popcorn Maker Used?


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There are many types of popcorn makers that use a variety of cooking techniques to pop popcorn kernels, and among the most popular types are popcorn dishes designed for use with a microwave. Other popular popcorn makers include hot air poppers and theatre-style popcorn makers.

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How Is a Popcorn Maker Used?
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Many consumers prefer to prepare popcorn using a microwave, but they do not like the taste of additives often included in prepackaged microwave popcorn bags. Using a special microwave dish to pop corn is very simple. All that is required is to fill the dish with popcorn kernels and sometimes a small amount of oil before placing the dish in the microwave and setting the timer.

Both countertop hot air popcorn poppers and theatre-style popcorn makers use hot air to pop loose popcorn kernels. The main difference between these two types of popcorn makers is the quantity of popcorn that each maker produces. Theatre-style popcorn makers are preferable to use when preparing large quantities of popcorn. Another difference between these two varieties of popcorn makers is that smaller hot air popcorn makers rarely require users to add oil to the popcorn in order to prepare a snack, whereas large theatre-style popcorn makers may often suggest that users add a small amount of oil to the kernels.

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