How Does Pool Water Removal Work?


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Removing water from a pool properly involves using a pump and a hose to drain water into plumbing fixtures connected to a sewer. Discharging swimming pool water into public space is illegal in many states.

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Pool owners may consider removing the water from their pool into a combined sewer system or directly into the sanitary sewer, making sure they meet the standards of the plumbing code in their area. If the pool is not connected to the sanitary sewer, it is generally acceptable to use other sanitary sewer connections nearby. Homeowners can use a pump and hose to drain the water, or they may seek advice from a licensed plumber, especially when they are not sure about what connections to use.

Removing water from a pool may cause a backup to the sewer system, in which case the owner should seek immediate help from a professional plumber. For an aboveground pool, owners may use a small submersible electric pump together with a vacuum hose. Some municipalities require pool owners to dechlorinate the pool water before discharging it into a sewer system. To do this, owners can use special products for removing chlorine that are available at pool and spa care stores.

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