What Are Some Pool Deck Ideas?


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Pool decks have traditionally been made of concrete, but other materials are increasingly being used. They're created in a variety of designs and feature several types of surfaces. A deck must reflect, rather than absorb, the heat of the sun. The surface also needs to be comfortable for bare feet while not being slippery.

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Concrete, the most common deck-surfacing material, is inexpensive. It's available in several finishes and many colors. However, concrete tends to crack, especially in colder climates, and repairs can be expensive. Poured concrete isn't an option in areas where permeable decking, which permits water to flow through the deck, is required. One alternative to this is the use of precast concrete pavers.

Unglazed tile is another popular kind of deck surface. The thin, red-clay or quarry tiles are also known as Saltillo pavers. Stone paving can be applied to a poured concrete slab or flagstone base. Other ideas are wooden, brick and rubber decks and spray-on coatings.

Deck buyers are advised to select light-colored surfaces that reflect heat. A deck should be installed at a slight angle so that water drains away from the pool and off of the deck surface. Wider decks help keep leaves and other dirt from getting into the water.

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