What Are Some Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips?

Pool cleaning and maintenance tips include cleaning the pool surface daily, cleaning baskets weekly, vacuuming and brushing pool walls occasionally, and washing pool filters from time to time. Assessing and maintaining pool heaters often and making sure that water levels in the pools are appropriate may help as well.

A leaf skimmer that has a long handle may aid in scooping debris off the surface of the pool. To clean baskets, pool owners should remove them, shake off debris, and use hosepipes to wash away persistent dirt. Owners can use manual vacuum cleaners or automatic pool cleaners, such as pressure-side, robotic and suction side pool cleaners, to vacuum their pools. A pool brush may help in rubbing debris off the walls of the pools, thus preventing accumulation of calcium and growth of algae.

Individuals should clean filters when the difference between the flow meter and pressure gauge is about 10 pounds per inch. Cleaning the filters according to manufacturer instructions helps keep the pool filtration system in order and cut down on costs and time. Types of pool filters include diatomaceous earth, sand and cartridge pool filters.

Certain pools contain heaters, such as electric, solar and gas pool heaters, that require occasional expert maintenance. Owners should refill pools when the levels of water fall and must not let pools stay empty for long periods to prevent damage.