What Is Pool Algaecide?


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A pool algaecide is a chemical treatment specially formulated to kill algae present in the swimming pool. A pool algaecide is an effective method for getting rid of algae present in an artificial water body like a swimming pool or a fish pond.

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There are different types of algae such as black aggressive algae, yellow algae and green algae. Depending on the type and nature of algae, a special algaecide is used to get rid of it. The main types of algaecides are metallic and quaternary ammonia. Chlorine kills algae through oxidation, and it is preferred as it also acts as a sterilizing agent by protecting the water against bacteria and other germs. Proper use of algaecides enhances the pool filtration system and ensures that the pool is a pleasant place to swim in for a long period of time.

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