How Do You Polish Wood Floors?

How Do You Polish Wood Floors?

Apply polish to a hardwood floor by wetting the mop, pouring some polish on the floor, and spreading a thin coat of polish on the floor with the mop. Buff the floor using an electric polisher, and towel or sponge mop with a terrycloth cover. Apply additional coats if necessary.

  1. Wet the mop head

    Use a clean mop head when applying water-based silicon polishes. These products are safe for all floors except those made of cork, linoleum or unsealed wood. Wet the mop before beginning the application process.

  2. Pour a small amount of liquid on the floor

    Pour the silicon polish directly on the floor. Use the mop to spread a thin layer of polish across the floor. Make sure there are no bubbles forming in the polish as it spreads. Once you spread the polish, keep traffic off the floor until it dries.

  3. Buff the floor

    Use an electric polisher to buff the dry polish. If the polisher is not available, buff the floor with a towel, or apply terrycloth over a sponge mop and use it to polish the floor. Polishing helps to improve the floor's shine and makes the polish less slippery.

  4. Apply additional coats

    In hallways and other high-traffic areas, consider adding additional thin coats of polish to the floor. Take time to buff the polish after adding each coat to ensure it creates the highest gloss possible.