How Do You Polish Glass-Top Stoves?


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Polish glass-top stoves by applying nonabrasive cooktop stove cleaner and buffing the surface with a soft cloth or paper towels. Take off stubborn stains using a razor scraper.

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Only clean a glass-top stove surface when it is cool. Apply the liquid cleaner to the surface of the stove and spread it around with a sponge or cleaning pad so a thin layer covers the entire stove top. Let the cleaner sit on the surface for about a minute, then wipe off most of the excess cleaner with a soft cloth or paper towel. Use a clean surface of the cloth or another paper towel on the remaining thin film of cleaner to buff the glass-top surface. The result is a polish similar to the outside of a car after a wax.

For persistent, burned-on stains, apply some cooktop stove cleaner to the surface, and rub the stain gently with a razor scraper, holding the razor at about a 45 degree angle. Keep the blade flat against the surface, and rub with a straight back and forth motion. When the stain is completely removed, wipe up the residue, apply more cleaner, and polish the surface with a soft cloth. When you are finished, check with your fingers that the entire surface is smooth to the touch.

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