How Do You Polish a Counter Top?


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Polishing a counter top is a process that can be completed in several minutes. There are many ways to polish a counter top, but SFGate offers a quick and easy solution. You need a spray bottle, liquid cleaner, water, ammonia, rags, scouring gel and a sponge.

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How Do You Polish a Counter Top?
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  1. Wipe the counter top clean

    Fill your spray bottle with the liquid cleaner. Quickly spray down the surface of the countertop and then wipe it clean with one of your rags. After doing this, dry the counter top with a different rag.

  2. Spread scouring gel on the counter top

    Dampen your sponge, and add some of the scouring gel to it. Apply the gel to the counter top by using small circular motions. Apply a small amount of pressure to the counter top while you work, as this can help remove any dirt that has been caked on. Make sure the entire surface gets an even coating of the gel and reapply it to the sponge as necessary. This help sget rid of scratches.

  3. Rinse and dry the surface

    Take a clean rag and some water and rinse the gel off of the counter. Once there is no gel left, use another rag to dry the counter off completely.

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