How Do I Polish Compound Brick?


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Polish brick either by buying a commercial cleaning solution or using a homemade solution of vinegar and water with a 1-to-15 ratio. Before applying the solution, vacuum or sweep the area to remove loose dirt and debris. Using a mop, sponge or other non-abrasive material, wash the bricks with the vinegar and water solution. Dry the bricks to avoid streaking. Repeat the process as necessary to polish the bricks.

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Bricks regularly exposed to heavy dirt, such as soot-heavy fireplace bricks, may require additional effort to clean and polish. Before vacuuming or sweeping, use a heavy-bristled brush to dislodge as much dirty material as possible. For remaining dirt, brush bricks with hot water. For a stronger solution, take a gallon of hot water and add a tablespoon of a trisodiumphosphate liquid or detergent, making certain to protect hands and eyes from the chemicals. A more robust solution mixes water with muriatic acid at a ratio of 10-to-1. Thoroughly brush bricks with the solution and rinse off with plain hot water. Again, dry the bricks by hand so the water does not leave drip stains. If the homemade cleaning options fail to provide sufficient polish, consider using a commercial product for the right type of brick, such as Diedrich 202, Goldblatt Brick Bath, Sureclean 101 or Vanatrol.

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