How Do You Polish Black Lacquer Furniture?

To polish black lacquer furniture, gently clean the furniture with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Buff the surface dry and finish with paste wax to restore sheen to a worn or dull lacquer finish.

  1. Dust with a soft cloth

    Keep the surface of black lacquer furniture free of dust by frequently cleaning the surface with a soft dust cloth. Never use harsh or abrasive fabrics; cotton or flannel cloths are best, as they do not scratch the surface of lacquer furniture. Soak the cloth in warm water, and wring all the water from the cloth so that it is slightly damp.

  2. Use a mild soap

    For greasy spots and smudges, use a mild detergent like Murphy's Oil soap with a soft, damp cloth. Remove all soap with a clean, damp cloth.

  3. Dry the furniture

    Use a dry cloth to remove all moisture from the surface of the black lacquer furniture. Any water left on the surface is likely to leave water spots and may damage the finish.

  4. Apply paste wax

    Never use standard furniture polish containing silicone or lemon oil on black lacquer furniture. If the surface is dull, apply a light layer of high-quality paste wax to restore and protect the furniture's finish.