What Is a Pole Barn House?


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A pole barn house is a structure that is supported by large poles that are placed into the ground and anchored with concrete. A pole barn house does not require a foundation and uses wood or metal siding. It also usually has a galvanized metal roof.

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The basic structure for a pole barn house is relatively straightforward, which makes it appealing for do-it-yourself home builders. Poles are anchored into the ground at even intervals along the desired perimeter of the house. Roof trusses that extend from the tops of each pole are then installed and braced against one another. The roof trusses are triangular structures that are designed to support the roofing material of the pole barn house. Wall girts are then attached to each side of the pole barn house structure. Wall girts are lengths of wood or metal that are used as anchors for the final wall material. In the case of the pole barn house, the wall girts are attached so that they run perpendicular to the large wooden structural poles. Once the girts are in place, the final wall siding is installed using nails and screws.

The costs of building a pole barn house are relatively low because it requires less building materials than normal residential housing structures. Pole barn houses are also very durable and require less upkeep and maintenance due to their solid construction.

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