What Poisons Can Be Used to Control Chipmunk Populations?


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Chipmunk populations can be controlled by administering poisons, such as strychnine, or by repelling them with chemicals, such as bitrax thiram or ammonium soaps. Check local laws before poisoning or killing chipmunks. Some areas have legislation in place that prohibits the killing of these animals by any means.

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Chipmunk populations can be controlled with baits containing strychnine. Look for formulations of one-half percent strychnine in the bait. Poisoning grain can also be an effective way to administer strychnine. Use extreme caution to prevent livestock, other animals or children from coming into contact with poisoned grain. Consider putting any poison in a bait station or box constructed in a way that chipmunks can get into it but children and pets cannot.

Use chemical repellents to control the number of chipmunks present. While mothballs, also known as napthalene crystal poison, may be used, it generally requires so much of the chemical that humans are also repelled. Try using other small mammal repellents, such as those containing bitrax thiram or high fat ammonium soaps, to keep chipmunks away. These products do not poison the animal but make their food source so unappetizing that the chipmunks vacate the area in search of better-tasting food.

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