What Are Some of the Best Pod Coffee Makers on the Market?

What Are Some of the Best Pod Coffee Makers on the Market?

The Starbucks Verismo 600, the De'Longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio, the Mr. Coffee Single Serve and the Cuisinart SS-700 are some of the best pod coffeemakers on the market, according to Consumer Reports, Real Simple magazine and ConsumerSearch.com

The De'Longhi and Starbucks pod coffeemakers are each roughly $130 to $190. Both scored highly on Consumer Reports taste tests. The Starbucks model has an auto-off function, a removable reservoir, an adjustable drip tray and brews multiple serving sizes.

The De'Longhi coffeemaker also brews various serving sizes or up to three cups in a row. Its penguin-shaped tank holds 21 ounces of fluid, and the De'Longhi is compatible with roughly 14 different varieties of coffee pod, such as hot chocolate and latte.

While the Mr. Coffee Single Serve requires its small reservoir to be refilled before brewing each cup, the machine's Keurig-Cup, or K-Cup, brewing technology makes it universally compatible. Retailing for about $80, the Mr. Coffee Single Serve accepts 200 coffee pod varieties from multiple coffee producers, including specialty drink pods.

Similar to the Mr. Coffee Single Serve, the Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve also accepts hundreds of varieties of K-Cups from different producers, including K-Cup fruity brews and teas. The Cuisinart SS-700 can brew just one cup at a time or up to 10 eight-ounce cups, and its 80-ounce reservoir keeps fluids at approximately 172 degrees Fahrenheit.